Thursday, August 9, 2012

All Streets Lead To Wall Street

Now the talking heads are on stage.
Pandering their opinions and crisp haircuts.
Advertisements meld my mind like propaganda mixtapes
"Buy me! Own me!
Take off your pants and you’ll be one step closer to blowing me."
Acts of Valor bombard my senses with senseless anxieties
Images flash by too fast to consider for too long.
American Idol on a warship…
For now the boys are playing ball (or are they are at war?)
Good Ol’ America
Pacifying your bloodlust with contests of logos and contracts…
TV trying to tell me about connectivity
While Miller Lites are being sold as Picassos
And we pray to McMuffin the Omnipresent and Eli the Truth

You have to be a responsible tripper to be young in America
1776 on 3 hits while you’re doing your laundry
Never watered down
Always fresh
26 and trippin’
You can’t fall down when you’re playing at home

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