Friday, March 9, 2012

“The Occupy Movement and its relation to the 99%”

This is an open invitation to the 99% to stand in solidarity with the Occupy Movement.

Good people of the world,

The corporate financial government is not acting in the best interest of the people and it is time for a new system. In this new system the people participate in real democracy and make decisions together, not at the hands of the rich and powerful. However, the power structure will not collapse without a fight. Everyday people must wake up and realize the extent to which the elite of the world have rolled the dice with their livelihoods and left life or death decisions in the hands of those who would seek profit over the good of humanity. It is the mission and goal of the Occupy Movement, as I understand it, to bring balance to this toppling system. We wish to create a world where the fruits of the earth are given for the people’s good and not held in escrow to the highest bidder. We want a world where every man, woman, and child has access to a good and healthy life. People over profits – that’s what we believe. But we can only accomplish this goal with the help of all of the 99%.

Not everyone can come to a protest in the streets. The vast majority of the 99% are busy working ungodly hours trying to provide food, shelter, education and healthcare for their children. These folks do not have access to the Movement. They are busy with real life. But there is no reason why we cannot support each other. Be assured young mother the protester in the street fights for you. Now can we find a way to work together? I propose a broad spectrum of support from individuals to small business to even sympathetic corporations. Take a stand. Take a small little step. When you are treated unfairly stand us against your oppressor. Demand your dignity. We live in a country that is flouted for its commitment to free speech. Let your voice be heard wherever you are. Speak out against the unfairness that is vested upon you by your enemy. With every stand that is taken against unfairness and oppression we are all one-step closer to a new day.

You see the Global People’s Movement is about self-empowerment and taking back control of our own destinies. For too long we have had our lives dictated to us by the rich and powerful. We have served as indentured servants to a richer class for hundreds of years and finally people all over the world are sick of it. One day we will all wake up and realize the extent to which corporate greed and influence have affected our daily lives. On that day the people will hit the streets. Until then we must stand in solidarity where we are.

Empower yourself. Take control of your lives back from the system. Refuse to pay the banks their unfair interest rates. Take back your houses when they are foreclosed on. Take your money out of the big banks. Refuse to pay your student loans. Stop using credit cards. Buy local produce. Spend time with your children. Ride bicycles. Carpool. Exercise. Create things instead of consuming them. Every step we take away from the corporation and the power structure is one step closer to a true revolution.
Let the worker demand equal pay. Let the mother and father demand time for her family. Let the parent demand their child be fed and medical needs met. Let the soldier refuse to fight an unjust war. Let the teacher be paid and appreciated for their dedication. Let the oil man produce green energy, Let the politician choke on their broken promises. Let every person wherever they are take a stand for fairness and equality.

The Occupy Movement stands in solidarity the worker, the teacher, the student, the unemployed, the hurting, the destitute, and the weak. We are protesting and fighting for your rights and the future of your children We stand is solidarity with you. Now we ask you to stand in solidarity with us.
The fight in the streets must be complimented by broad participation in a paradigm shift. We must begin making decisions to empower ourselves. Together, there is no limit to what we can accomplish. But it will take everyone. The Occupy Movement is calling to the 99%: stand with us.

Yours Truly, Larry Swetman

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