Friday, September 10, 2010

No More War

We, the people, of the United States do hereby demand the immediate withdrawal of American troops from the Middle East. The military actions of the United States of America and her allies against sovereign nations including, but not limited to, Iraq and Afghanistan are clear acts of aggression and must cease immediately. The justifications of these atrocities are the illusions of rich men profiting on the death and destruction of a civil population. We, those victimized by the blatant abuse of federal resources, denounce the use of federal taxes for the use of death abroad when so many suffer at home from the loss of their jobs, homes, and families. The invisible American laborer everyday tosses his gold in the bloodstained coffer of capitalism while their families starve and their elderly die. Money is appropriated for fantastic goose chases while children are malnourished, the poor freeze in the streets, and marriages crumble under the stress of economic pressure. The poor and middle class stand united against the schemes and greed of rich men who profit on the blood of the workingman. Terrorism in the western world is a direct consequence of western forces occupying Middle Eastern land. Withdrawal will facilitate a degradation of influence by extremist leaders attempting to recruit young radicals. Fundamental Islamists cannot engage a trans-oceanic enemy due to lack of resources. Therefore, when we withdraw the American-Islamist conflict will, by logical necessity, cease.

We demand the immediate cessation of American hostilities in the Arab world. If we are continually ignored and our wishes not heeded, we hold the government in contempt of Constitutional guarantees and therefore treason. We can no longer be lorded over by pompous politicians parading our vote around like a privilege. We owe our allegiance to no flag, country, or party. We, as human beings, declare the right of all people to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The United States government, for too long, has ignored the will of the people for the sake of imperialistic ambitions of economic slavery. We demand justice and call those charged with the maintenance of the union to account for these crimes.


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